Game Art Asset Creation - A Diploma Thesis by Markus Hofer


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This diploma thesis focuses on the process of creating art assets for games, from Concept Art to Modeling to Texturing.

The first chapter “Concepting” evaluates what concept art is all about, describes different types of concept art and discusses some of the most important styles and techniques.

The second chapter “Modeling” is about the creation of 3D models for game engines on the edge of modern technology. It explains the basic tools and all the necessary backgrounds and techniques for creating low-poly meshes that are perfectly suited for use in current and next generation realtime 3d engines, how to create high-poly meshes and how to use them to create normal maps.

The 3rd chapter “Texturing” describes the process of giving a naked 3D model its finished look. It explains all the most important texture-components that are being used by current and next generation game engines and describes a wide array of techniques on several examples.

Where fit the examples are taken from the work-part of this diploma thesis, the “Palace of Kamula”, which I created for “Age of Conan”, a massively multiplayer online game developed by Funcom.

The full version of the site is going to launch after the release of Age of Conan in 2008.

copyright (c) Markus Hofer, 2006